A Hostel as the Hostel should be.
  All room AC and Single.
  Dedicated Transparent Kitchen.
  Hygienic Food.
  Peaceful Environment.
Welcome To Himsagar & Himgiri Boys Hostel [Booking Now Open :-

Himsagar & Himgiri boys hostel are one of the best hostels in their class. We started our operation from July 2009 . At both boys hostels we offer best facilities to students who come from various parts of country in order to pursue IIT-JEE, Medical and Engineering coaching in kota. Both Boys Hostels attract students and parents alike.

These Hostels offer all basic amenities and are suitable to aspiring young students.

  Both HS and HG are very conveniently located offering best of both i.e close proximity to major instututions, markets etc. yet a little away so there is least disturbance.

  Most of the major institutes like Allen Career Institute, Bansal Classes, Career Point, Resonance, Vibrant Academy, Motion etc. are within walking distance

  City mall is also close by and fulfills all the needs of the students and parents.

  Conveyance to any point in the city is avalible 24 hours day.

  Located very close to Jhalawar road which is main artery of the city.